Greetings, from Schmutz06! is a site based on Guitar Hero Custom Songs that will continue to be expanded forever with tutorials for FL Studio, Photoshop and After Effects (FL studio begiwnner tutorial is up already!). Give me suggestions for tutorials in the comments and I’ll do the popular ones.

So currently, it has a lot of basic things I’ve needed for ages; an FAQ to cover the questions I get asked all the time on YouTube, a guide on playing Guitar Hero custom songs and a big guide on getting GH3 for PC to run amazing on basically any computer. Also, a downloads page with all of the best guitar hero tools in one place for your convenience. I’ll end up putting my song downloads here as well. Lastly, there is a custom songs discussion forum for people to promote new custom songs.

The chart and download for my new song Respawn will come soon. I need to make the preview video. This song is also on bandcamp to download – click here. A lot of my songs are on there now for $1 each, although I’m going to continue making basically every song free as well, including Respawn – it’ll come with the .ogg audio file like usual once it’s finished and released.

Also coming up, finally, is custom songs Jukebox Vol. 4 – with ridiculously fun undercharts (and some uber-charts) for Ge4ce, Uberjuice, Slayer, Utopia and Mercury City. Really, I’ve just realised my own songs are sometimes more fun when they aren’t charted for 2% of the most elite players. They are still extremely challenging and FC’s will be difficult.

I’ll also be making a compilation of every single song I’ve made from 2009 – 2012, a massive song pack including undercharts as well, which will be especially good for people who are new to custom songs and anyone who hasn’t played for years.

By the way, I have a new twitter account from now on I’ll be @wildpluckings. Follow for updates on this site.

And since it’s that time of the year, I’ll leave by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS 😀