Welcome to fullcombo.net

Greetings, from Schmutz06!

For the past few months I’ve been working on this new Guitar Hero Custom Songs community website, which replaces www.wildpluckings.com.

Why the name change?

Recognition. “full combo” is a well known rhythm game term and a more appropriate name for a Guitar Hero Community website than wildpluckings.com.

What is the purpose?

First Objective

To promote Guitar Hero Custom Songs. To help expand the community, the most important thing was to provide online guides which make playing Custom Songs as easy as possible. I have re-designed the Custom Songs guide from scratch and I added loads of content to the optimization guide to cover everything.

Second Objective

To put everything in one place. YouTube serves as the main platform for the Guitar Hero Custom Songs Community and it will continue to do so. This website pulls all of the important stuff and puts it in one place. Mods, new songs, FCs, high scores.

New Songs?

I was on a roll with new song releases over the Summer and I plan to get back into it now that my website has been updated. I have several new songs which need to be tested, captured and edited.

What is new?

the interesting part…

New Guides

Adding Custom Fretboards

quick guide for using GHTCP to change the fretboards in the game

Speeding up Guitar Hero Custom Songs

quick guide for speeding up Custom Songs using Audacity and GHtools by No1Mann

Charting – Advanced Techniques

loads of advanced charting tips and techniques

Updated Pages

Guitar Hero Notation Guide

added new images and new content

Guitar Hero Dictionary

added a few new terms, corrected some old ones

File Downloads

updated to include more files than ever

Updated Guides

All Guitar Hero Guides from wildpluckings.com have been updated to reflect the most recent mods like GH3+

Guitar Hero Custom Songs

portal for links to new Custom Songs updates, guides, and file downloads

Guitar Hero – Requirements Guide

some (boring) updates to the content…

Guitar Hero Custom Songs – Ultimate Guide

updated with loads of new images and a new design

Guitar Hero Optimization Guide

updated with new content, images and design

Extra stuff

The entire site has been overhauled if it isn’t obvious! New graphics everywhere, sharing links, better navigation menus, related posts. There are even a few easter eggs hiding (nothing interesting…). There are many pages added here and there, like a page for GH Tools by no1mann, and a page for the flames mod by AdituV. Credit to AbyssionQC for writing a massive to-do list for me, which helped me get many things updated.

New Links

Twitter is now @Schmutz06 (formerly @wildpluckings)

Soundcloud is now schmutz06 (formely wildpluckings)

Bandcamp is now https://schmutz06.bandcamp.com/ (formerly wildpluckings.bandcamp.com)

Wildpluckings YouTube is now Schmutz16


A small number of late updates from wildpluckings.com (mostly high score posts) have not been transferred over to fullcombo.net. Sorry for the inconvenience to those who posted before. If you want any scores updated, post again on this site and I’ll update them in due course. Thanks.

I have published many new pages and there will likely be some errors or broken links. Please help me iron them out and report them in the comments.

love, Schmutz06