There was a time when Uber Juice was cool and now we all laugh at its puny 4000 notes. Here is the real chart.

The outro solo is a lot harder and was the main purpose of this release but if you’re familiar with the original chart you’ll find that I have thrown in new notes everywhere and many sections are a lot more difficult to FC. There are “only” 304 additional notes compared to the original chart. At 4:53 in the video you’ll notice a mistake. I’d fix it but it would take ages to make a new chart and video.


Uber Juice Extreme Chart – Installation

(Full credit to Exilelord for the hacks used in this chart)

1) Make sure you are running the GH3+ hack.
2) Add the song via GHTCP using “UBER JUICE.ogg” as the audio, “UBER JUICE dummy.chart” as the chart, and using the song name “uberjuicex”. It will not work if named anything else.
3) After the song is added copy the provided “uberjuicex_song.pak.xen” into “DATASONGS” overwriting the file that is there.