New Custom Song Release with GH3+ Hacks

NEW GUITAR HERO CUSTOM SONG INBOUND The Guitar Hero Custom Songs scene has been re-energised largely thanks to the amazing efforts from Exilelord and his recent Guitar Hero 3 PC hacks. If you haven't been keeping up, Exilelord has destroyed the 3999 note limit, added hammer on Chord notes, added tapping notes, which don't need to be strummed [...]

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Respawn by Schmutz06

My latest guitar hero custom song Respawn is now available for download. Watch the chart preview video on YouTube, or below. Easier charts for Utopia, Mercury City, Slayer, Uber Juice and ge4ce are coming soon in Custom Songs Jukebox Vol.4! Download - Includes all files for GH3/FoF [wp_ad_camp_5] Links: How to play custom songs, download [...]

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