The download for Troll Hero features three charts and two audio tracks.

The loser chart is similar to most custom songs in terms of difficulty. Recommended for most players and can be accessed on Medium.

The big boy chart is similar to most harder custom songs in terms of difficulty. Recommended for the best players and can be accessed on Hard.

The get troll’d chart isn’t similar to anything and it is better and easier to just learn a real instrument. Recommended for nobody and can be accessed on Expert.

The alternative audio track is as heard in the Marathon teaser video I made and it is password protected. ‘cos I am a troll. I’ve hidden the password in plain sight. If you find it, feel free to troll others by playing the special alternative version – or even troll me by telling them the password. Either way, you troll.

No tapping sections and it uses the new open notes to the max! I play-tested all three charts to get the balance right.

Shoutout to Firefox, author of Moonscraper Chart Editor; a new charting tool which I used exclusively to create the three charts for Troll Hero! Check out the latest version of Moonscraper on his channel.

Enjoy! ❤


Full credit to Exilelord  and No1mann for the hacks used in this chart – including the new open notes!

  1. Make sure you are running the GH3+ hack and using the latest hacked version of GHTCP which allows for tapping notes to be imported.
  2. Add the song via GHTCP using “Troll Hero.ogg” as the audio, “Troll Hero.chart” as the chart.
  3. You are good to go.

You must use the latest version of GHTCP. If you try to import the song using the normal GHTCP, you will get the error message; “game chart cannot be parsed index was outside the bounds of array”.