Dragonforce collab. I think that this is the first time I ever tried something like this and working with lyrics in a song. The song is a parody as is the title, which obviously makes no sense at all. I think I remember somebody calling it that years ago and finding it really funny. Just to be clear; I am a fan of Dragonforce and Through the Fire and Flames. I consider it to be the greatest Guitar Hero song and chart ever made. Also holy ** I’m impressed how seamless that outro section is where he sings “Through the Thunder and the Flames”. I spliced in the word from another part where he says “We’re free before the Thunderstorm”. I didn’t expect it to work out so smoothly! If you are familiar with the Through the Fire and Flames chart, the solo is going to be major deja vu.


Also, if you didn’t see it, DarklyinDarknessGH got the first Patterns 4 FC. That means I’ll be making Patterns 4+ and you can expect it to be tough as hell! Bear in mind I’m away for most of this month, so it might be a while.

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Submit any scores for this song in the below format and I’ll update them promptly on the high scores list;

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High Scores

1) – TheCarnageZigs / 197,447 / 100% / Video

2) – AbyssionQC / 185,928 / 100% / Video

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First FC – AbyssionQC – 15/08/16 (unforced chart) + DarklyinDarknessGH – 15/08/16 (original chart)


(Full credit to Exilelord for the hacks used in this song and for the instructions)

1) Make sure you are running the GH3+ hack.
2) Add the song via GHTCP using “Through the Thunder and The Flames.ogg” as the audio, “tttatf.chart” as the chart, and using the song name “tttatf”. It will not work if named anything else.
3) After the song is added copy the provided “tttatf_song.pak.xen” into “DATASONGS” overwriting the file that is there.
4) You are good to go.