How to get Expert Track Speed on ALL Difficulties

4 Step Guide Using an easy modification, you can alter the track speeds in Guitar Hero. By default the track scroll speed for easy, medium and hard is slower than expert. Creating alternative charts under the other difficulties wasn't really an option. This mod fixes that problem. Think about songs like Patterns 2+, [...]

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High Framerate with Note Flames – Mod by AdituV

High Framerate with Note Flames - Mod by AdituV Thanks to an easy to install mod by AdituV, it is now possible to run Guitar Hero 3 for the PC with vsync disabled (no lag) and animated note flames. This modification is something I think many have wanted for a long time. See the video guide by plumato for [...]

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Fat Tony’s Orders by Schmutz06

Download This is my submission toward an upcoming Community Project. It's a new Guitar Hero Custom Song which will feature sections from various authors. I will release the download on it's own as well. As you will see, the Expert chart for this is short, but extreme. The easier chart can be accessed by playing on [...]

Turbo Bumblebee

The Endless Challenge Below is a list of 100% / FC runs from various players, the song get's 5BPM faster every time someone 100% FCs it. The song is Flight of the Bumblebee by Luis Moreno sped up (initially) to 270BPM. Current speed: 405BPM... 270BPM (FCed April 1st 2010) MorandiV8SH 275BPM (FCed April 5th 2010) [...]

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