5 Golden Clusterfucks – Guitar Hero Christmas Song!

Merry Christmas! 5 Golden Clusterfucks is a short chart of five crazy tapping solos. There are two charts included because the main chart is just insane! the easier one can be accessed by playing on "hard" instead of expert. Enjoy! ❤ CLICK TO DOWNLOAD HOW TO PLAY Full credit to Exilelord  and [...]

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Clusterfuck Canon – Guitar Hero Christmas Song!

New GH Christmas Song. Clusterfuck Canon is based on the chord progression from Pachelbel's Canon with the usual Guitar Hero mayhem included as standard. I aimed for a moderate chart so many will be able to FC it. A really enjoyable chart to play. I did notice people uploading new videos of "12 Clusterfucks of Christmas" recently [...]

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Patterns 4+ by Schmutz06

An insane remix of the original Patterns 4 chart. Congratulations to DarklyinDarknessGH who FC'd the original Patterns 4. The obnoxious scream used in the Patterns 4+ outro is his FC reaction. That video can be found here. If you upload a run on Patterns 4, or Patterns 4+, or the 90BPM version let me know [...]


Dragonforce collab. I think that this is the first time I ever tried something like this and working with lyrics in a song. The song is a parody as is the title, which obviously makes no sense at all. I think I remember somebody calling it that years ago and finding it really funny. Just to be clear; I [...]

Prodigy by Schmutz06

. New Guitar Hero Custom Song, Prodigy. The download includes two charts which can be accessed using the Hard or Expert setting. I've implemented a lot of updates to the fullcombo.net website including improved guides for playing Custom Songs, and a huge Custom Songs Database feature which has download links for many many Custom songs. I've [...]

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