Fat Tony’s Orders by Schmutz06

Download This is my submission toward an upcoming Community Project. It's a new Guitar Hero Custom Song which will feature sections from various authors. I will release the download on it's own as well. As you will see, the Expert chart for this is short, but extreme. The easier chart can be accessed by playing on [...]

Prodigy by Schmutz06

. New Guitar Hero Custom Song, Prodigy. The download includes two charts which can be accessed using the Hard or Expert setting. I've implemented a lot of updates to the fullcombo.net website including improved guides for playing Custom Songs, and a huge Custom Songs Database feature which has download links for many many Custom songs. I've [...]

Patterns 3 – Community Track Pack 4

My latest Guitar Hero Custom Song Patterns 3 is part of the upcoming Community Track Pack 4 (CTP4). This is a massive community custom songs project. I'll link to it here and in the video description when it's released along with this song. There are no forced strums or any kind of hacks in [...]

Turbo Bumblebee

The Endless Challenge Below is a list of 100% / FC runs from various players, the song get's 5BPM faster every time someone 100% FCs it. The song is Flight of the Bumblebee by Luis Moreno sped up (initially) to 270BPM. Current speed: 405BPM... 270BPM (FCed April 1st 2010) MorandiV8SH 275BPM (FCed April 5th 2010) [...]

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