This is the first of a new series of songs and I present to you a new community challenge.

That feeling across the community when the next “impossible” song is FCd. Well, it’s often down to a handful of people to give us these moments. For this challenge, the entire community will need to pool it’s resources and work together on achieving FCs and unlocking new songs.

Two rules

1) I will release the next song in the series when 3 FC videos are uploaded to YouTube
2) If you unlock a new song, you are then ineligible to unlock future songs in the series

The fine print…

  • Heads up to top players. Tough songs inbound. You may wish to hold fire before unlocking the next chart!

  • Only the first three FC videos will be counted toward unlocking the next song

  • Respect the spirit of the challenge! If I see something which breaks the system I will fix it.

  • If a challenge does not progress for 6 months: it will go to a free for all and past participants can get involved again

  • If a challenge does not progress for 12 months: I will proceed to release the next in the series and the offending chart will be forever immortalised.

  • Because I’m managing this myself, there will be occasions where I can’t release a new chart right away! But I’ll try my best to keep this alive.

Enjoy! ❤