patterns 5 community pattern submissions

Sequence Series 2 has begun! FC. Unlock the next song. Become a legend.

Sequence Series 2. 10 new songs and charts inbound

There are some monster charts coming up in Sequence Series 2. Pro players will be eliminated from the competition. Remember though, this is a competition for everyone – there is beauty in lesser-known players stepping up, but it’s also exciting seeing appearances from well known players who regularly raise the bar and deliver first FCs and high scores.

Everybody is free to join the competition at any stage! I wouldn’t worry about banking your one-shot for that perfect chart, if something seems like a good challenge, go for it! Up to you though. In addition, after 6 months if a chart is still standing tall, the competition goes to a free-for-all and anyone can re-enter the competition and save the day. It should get more interesting the longer it goes on and new players get involved…

go and eliminate yourself in glorious glory!

patterns 5 community pattern submissions

Strumming fun. To start things off. Three FCs to unlock Sequence XII.

Thank you to everyone who takes part in the challenge and helps spread the word! There are some interesting charts coming up in this series.

Ultimate Zoidberg got FC’d

Watch it here.

Marathon, MMK, MMK2, Chaos, Patterns 2/4+, Crazy CH Song … all of these insane charts. Conquered. And now Ultimate Zoidberg. Quite unbelievable. As I focus on Sequence Series 2 there is a small window of opportunity where my entire discography could go down. We shall see.

Video Backgrounds

If you follow Clone Hero you have probably seen some of my animated video background graphics in other peoples videos.

I upgraded my PC and one of the first things I done was made a whole bunch of new animated video backgrounds… get them here.

Zoidberg will return


What’s next

Sequence Series 2



Enjoy! ❤