Charts of Mass Destruction unveiled

An entire new generation of songs, all at once

The goal was to create a new track pack that dwarfs any of my previous projects. Every song included will hit hard and be enjoyed for the rest of time. There aren’t really any ‘filler’ tracks. It’s 12 songs and an hour of top content. If you like Clone Hero, I think you are going to love playing these new charts.

The trailer gives you a small taste of what is to come. The song preview videos, releasing imminently, will take Clone Hero custom songs to another level and I can’t wait to show them to you. Even if you don’t play Clone Hero, I hope you can look forward to the music itself.

All levels of players are covered.

Easier charts included. There’s also one ludicrous Lazers Chart (which is the one shown in the trailer video) it is an unofficial ‘bonus’ part of the track pack and it’s worse than Ultimate Zoidberg. I’m really not sure if it will be FC’d. Maybe.

I really look forward to watching people attempt a full pack FC. Depending on your level, the hard charts will still push you to your limits if you have the patience. You can get a good impression for the difficulty from the trailer and using this difficulty rating index. A full pack FC will be a real consideration for some players. Just try to imagine mastering a song like ge4ce or Uber Juice 10 times over for a rough idea of what this feat would entail. It’s doable. You’ll need to be a jack of all trades; fast forced strums, teleports, rake strumming, slide tapping.

Want to know what these techniques are? it’s all in the Clone Hero Dictionary.

patterns 5 community pattern submissions

patterns 5 community pattern submissions

What was, what can be…

For 5 years I’ve been converting my old songs to Clone Hero and making my website bigger and better. It was the perfect storm with these projects finished and lockdown and everything being closed. I had more spare time.

As a result, you get a full-fat new Clone Hero track pack that raises the game in every way. Admittedly I become obsessed with this project putting regular unhealthy 6-10 hour sessions in.

The previews feature many easter-eggs if you like that, look out for them.

20 hours to edit. You could probably watch the teaser frame by frame and miss some of the MANY easter-eggs, memes and Clone Hero puns. Meticulous detail throughout and the same goes for preview videos.

Check for updates on the release and YouTube for the preview videos. This site is dedicated to Clone Hero and focuses on original music created for the game.

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Chart Previews

My YouTube channel is about to go into overdrive with video after video of high quality new content. Thank you very much to everyone who helps spread the word and shares these songs. Liking and commenting on the videos helps a lot.

patterns 5 community pattern submissions

send me your first plays!

Did you watch my ‘Hard Clone Hero Song Get’s Buried’ video which shows my incredibly difficult song ge4ce getting 100% FC’d by 14 different players?

I invite players who have 100% FC’d any of my songs of 4* or higher to share their first playthrough of this track pack with me (over twitch, or however you’d like). I just need your video playing through the full 1 hour of content. Comment below if interested.

I want to edit a montage featuring first plays. It’ll set target scores for other players to aspire to beat. Plus, it is entertaining watching people figure things out and sometimes just do the impossible and FC complex new patterns for the first time of which there are many opportunities in this pack.

I won’t let ya down!

The first Charts of Mass Destruction Preview video will be Quadpocalypse. 6 minutes long and over 4000 notes and extremely difficult. The chart previews will show the expert chart and a large video showing all of the easier charts (and downloadable backgrounds!) will come later.