It’d be my easiest chart by far, only there’s 2 seconds of total insanity which turns everything upside down. Hard difficulty is also charted.

I finished most of this song a long time ago. It was around the time I was making Synth Wars, so I’ve been waiting to release this preview forever. There are other songs currently in this state of near-completion that I plan to release throughout 2017, amongst new creations depending on how much free time I have to work on them. Credit to AbyssionQC for helping me with an auto-charter program which made charting that one insane sequence in Robot Lullaby much easier.

Update and new GH tutorial – important!

I have added a new tutorial which will allow you to get expert track speed on all difficulties. I recommend doing this basic hack so that you can play future alternative charts which I release by selecting easy, medium, hard difficulty etc (while having the same scroll speed as you’re used to on Expert). Full credit to the awesome Plumato for his guide.

Click for tutorial


Full credit to Exilelord  and No1mann for the hacks used in this chart.

  1. Make sure you are running the GH3+ hack and using the latest hacked version of GHTCP which allows for tapping notes to be imported.
  2. Add the song via GHTCP using “Robot Lullaby.ogg” as the audio, “Robot Lullaby.chart” as the chart.
  3. You are good to go.

You must use the latest version of GHTCP. If you try to import the song using the normal GHTCP, you will get the error message; “game chart cannot be parsed index was outside the bounds of array”.