Mega Pack of 24 Clone Hero Charts

Project: Bleep Bloop is my mission to convert every Guitar Hero song I released onto Clone Hero. The third song pack features the Synth Death Trackpack remastered for Clone Hero as well as most other releases from 2011. This pack includes many popular custom songs like Uber Juice, ge4ce, Black Hole, CHORDZ, Zoidberg the Cowboy & Patterns – now all available in Clone Hero!

Each song features custom album art and meta data which features in-game trivia and descriptions if there are alternative charts available. Many charts feature alternative and undercharts, check it out. There’s also a hidden challenge open to all. Find it, beat it, see me.

Remastered Clone Hero compatible charts

12 Clusterfucks of Christmas, Battle Storm, Black Hole, CHORDZ, Fat Tonys Disco, ge4ce, Juggernaut 2K, Madness March 2, Madness March Kamikaze, Patterns, Patterns+, Sideshow Bob and Rakes, Silver Surfer Level 2 Theme, Smooth Synth Mix, Sunshine, Synth Hero, Turbo Bumblebee, Turbulence, Uber Juice, UFO, UFO Solo (UBER Remix), Vanilla Boogie, Vegeta’s Revenge, Zoidberg the Cowboy

Notably, CHORDZ, UFO Solo Uber Remix and ge4ce have some significant changes that you may find interesting! But it doesn’t stop there, every chart has had time and effort put into it. Thank you for downloading. You can download every single Clone Hero release from me on the songs page and it is updated to feature the 24 charts above – see the song pack links. new features!

You may have noticed that you can now sign in on I encourage you to set up an account! I’m slowly adding new features all the time and I plan to build some features around profiles like adding high scores, participating in Clone Hero challenges and uploading custom songs.

Project: Bleep Bloop – Song Pack 4

I’ve started work on the final instalment of Project: Bleep Bloop. This will mark the end of converting every Guitar Hero song I released onto Clone Hero. It will cover the remaining 19 Songs I need to convert. There won’t be as many changes, as most of these have already been made with tapping notes, open notes and all the other cool stuff. It has been a lengthy process. I am looking forward to getting back to what I actually enjoy the most, making NEW songs.

Enjoy! ❤

Here is a preview showing CHORDZ – Full Fat Edition