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The second song pack features the Studioforce Trackpack remastered for Clone Hero – Pacman Wizard, Silver Surfer Theme, The Ballad of Fat Tony and also includes Intense Torture, Madness March and FOUR entirely new releases;

  • Matto Svitato – tapping insanity
  • Chord Problems – elbow strumming nightmares
  • Synthesizer vs the Universe – something I made in 2010 and never released
  • Meltdown – something I made last year and never released

Each song features multiple charts and will be accessible to players of all skill ranges. The new charts for Pacman Wizard and Silver Surfer Theme have been turned up to 11 on the difficulty scale so good luck to anyone going for those FCs. Silver Surfer Super Sweeps courtesy of the maniacs on Twitter asking me to make it all strums.

This is part of project: Bleep Bloop. I am re-releasing new Clone Hero Charts for all of my songs and releasing many new songs and remixes for older songs.

Enjoy! ❤