An insane remix of the original Patterns 4 chart. Congratulations to DarklyinDarknessGH who FC’d the original Patterns 4. The obnoxious scream used in the Patterns 4+ outro is his FC reaction. That video can be found here.

If you upload a run on Patterns 4, or Patterns 4+, or the 90BPM version let me know in the below comments and I will update high scores. I will also be updating the Hall of Fame below of those who achieve a Tech FC on the insane Patterns 4+ chart (standard speed). Tech FC – Full combo every individual section in the chart. Good luck to everyone going for that.

High Scores

fyighfreak /1,169,158k /93%. Video (90BPM)

Miksu/1,035,993/93 % Video

AbyssionQC / 920,877 / 89% / Video

Danne19999 /711,154 /86% / Video

4) – upload a video and be linked here!

4) – upload a video and be linked here!

5) – upload a video and be linked here!

6) – upload a video and be linked here!

7) – upload a video and be linked here!

8) – upload a video and be linked here!

9) – upload a video and be linked here!

10) – upload a video and be linked here!

First FC – xxxxxxxx – xx/xx/xx

Post high scores in this format; name / score / % / link

Hall of Fame (Patterns 4+ Tech FC)

– upload a tech FC and be linked here!

Community Tech FC Progress

Dream Verse 1A – kiwi5slayer
Intro Insanity – kiwi5slayer
Dream Verse 1B – X
Dream Verse 1C – kiwi5slayer
Dream Verse 1D – X
Frenzy – X
Dream Verse 1e – X
Dream Verse 2A – kiwi5slayer
Dream Verse 2B – X
Dream Verse 2C – X
Dream Verse 2D – X
Dream Verse 2e – X
GTFO SOLO – kiwi5slayer
Eternity Bridge – X
Devil Bridge I – X
Devil Bridge II – X
Dream Verse 3A – X
Dream Verse 3B – X
Dream Verse 3C – X
Dream Verse 3D – kiwi5slayer
Crazy I – kiwi5slayer
Crazy II – kiwi5slayer
Dream Verse 4A – X
Dream Verse 4B – X
Chordin’ – X
Star Power Solo – X
Victory Solo – X
Dream Verse 5A – X
Dream Verse 5B – X
Dream Verse 5C – X
Dream Verse 5D – X
DarklyinDarknessGH Solo – X


(Full credit to Exilelord for the hacks used in this song and for the instructions)

1) Make sure you are running the GH3+ hack.
2) Add the song via GHTCP using “Patterns 4+.ogg” as the audio, “Patterns 4+.chart” as the chart, and using the song name “patterns4x”. It will not work if named anything else.
3) After the song is added copy the provided “patterns4x_song.pak.xen” into “DATASONGS” overwriting the file that is there.
4) You are good to go.

*For the 90BPM version, use the song name “patterns4x90bpm”, along with the respective files.