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CMD Update #4

No More Memory, Rock it, Transformer v1.0, Chordzilla The final four Charts of Mass Destruction. Introducing No More Memory, Rock it, Transformer v1.0 and Chordzilla. No More Memory [...]

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CMD Update #3

LAZERS AND TRILLBOT. The Big Boys. Introducing Lazers ft Dr Zoidberg and Trillbot. Lazers, the latest Dr Zoidberg song was sure to draw a crowd and I followed it up [...]

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CMD Update #2

CHIMNOBYL, MADNESS MARCH 3, ACID WOLFPACK, PICTIONARY You've only seen HALF of the Charts of Mass Destruction! I hope you got to watch Chimnobyl, Madness March 3 and the [...]

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CMD Update #1

QUADPOCALYPSE AND THE NUBINATOR The first Charts of Mass Destruction drop! Introducing Quadpocalypse and Nubinator. Two monster charts that will challenge the best players. The pace has been [...]

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