The Guitar Hero Custom Songs scene has been re-energised largely thanks to the amazing efforts from Exilelord and his recent Guitar Hero 3 PC hacks.

If you haven’t been keeping up, Exilelord has destroyed the 3999 note limit, added hammer on Chord notes, added tapping notes, which don’t need to be strummed and even made a sh***y fretboard. Every barrier is being taken down.

This has inspired me to push forward a new song which I had finished over a year ago. Some of you might know I’ve been working on a new Guitar Hero Track Pack and I was keeping it back for that release, but this new set of tools for making custom songs has me eager to release something new!

Here is a 3 second teaser from my new song. Picture that – non stop for 5 mins for a rough impression of the final product.

As far as the future goes…

I plan to continue making new songs. I plan to make a new Track Pack. I plan to keep this website up to date. I see the comments from various people in YouTube videos asking if I’m still alive. I have never lost interest in Guitar Hero – my focus has moved from YouTube onto this website for the past few years although I plan to continue making videos in the future. I’ve made this website on a mission to try and make it easier for people to get into Custom Songs. It has taken countless hours to design. I really don’t have the same time I did in 2010, 2011 – but I do get enough chances to continue making new stuff.