May 2019 updates

New Community Challenge! Upload an FC. Unlock the next song. Full details here.

New Song! 42. Includes FL Studio Project file. Get it here.

I’m working on a 10000 Subscribers special. I have been working hard on new charts in the background. Juggernaut 10,000 is coming and it is nearly halfway complete! I think you are going to love it! (2674 YouTube Subscribers to go…)

Synth Death track pack coming to Clone Hero. I’m nearly done with the Synth Death Pack of songs including a new extremely tough Victory Solo X chart.

Less undercharts. I planned to release “standard” charts for every song. The time to make them & capture previews for them is difficult to justify as there isn’t much demand. I will still include them for many releases, but not all. I won’t feature the standard charts in every preview either.

Project Bleep Bloop will be finished. Many of my newer songs will have less changes when converted to Clone Hero – the plan remains; I will keep going until I have converted them all.

Pack of top 10 Clone Hero Charts coming. I have been playing Guitar Hero custom songs since 2008 and I have recently started to put together a pack of my 10 favourite charts. (all types of songs, charted by legends like Adohuu, Sean2490, Trunks252) I plan on releasing these soon. I’ve made modifications to the charts, though. The original charts can be accessed under “hard”, but the expert charts now feature all the good stuff; tapping sections, HOPO chords & over 4000 notes.