To add Custom Fretboards, you will need Guitar Hero Control Panel. In this guide, we will modify the Fretboard for the character Axel Steel. From the main Guitar Hero Control Panel screen, click “Game Management” and then go to the Texture Explorer (or press the shortcut CTRL + I).

guitar hero custom fretboard

Changing a fretboard in Guitar Hero:

  • Expand the sections as highlighted in the screenshot:
    1. Data>PAK>axel_1.pak.xen>axel1c1tex
    2. Select “Image 2” – here you’ll see the original fretboard file for Axel Steel.
  • Click “extract” to save a copy of the original file. Use the replace button to navigate to your new custom fretboard and add it to the game.
  • The fretboard files you use must have a width of 512px and length of 1024px.
  • You can either make new fretboards yourself, or download below. (learn to photoshop, punk)

Want to modify the fretboard for another character?

The sections and files are listed below for their respective characters:

Axel_1.pak.xen – axel1c1tex – Image 2
Casey_1.pak.xen – casey1c1tex – Image 1
Izzy_1.pak.xen – izzy1c1tex – Image 1
Johnny_1.pak.xen – j1c1tex – Image 2
Judy_1.pak.xen – judy1c1tex – Image 1
Lars_1.pak.xen – lars1c1tex – Image 1
Midori_1.pak.xen – midori1c1tex – Image 1
Morello_1.pak.xen – morello1c1tex – Image 1
Ripper_1.pak.xen – ripper1c1tex – Image 2
RockGod_1.pak.xen – rockgod1c1tex – Image 1
Satan.pak.xen – satan1c1tex – Image 2
Xavier_1.pak.xen – xavier1c1tex – Image 2

Download Fretboards

Customised fretboards for use in Guitar Hero. Right-click and select “save image as” to download. Contact me on YouTube or Twitter (@schmutz06) if you have fretboards to share. I’ll add any good ones.