4 Step Guide

Using an easy modification, you can alter the track speeds in Guitar Hero. By default the track scroll speed for easy, medium and hard is slower than expert. Creating alternative charts under the other difficulties wasn’t really an option. This mod fixes that problem. Think about songs like Patterns 2+, Patterns 2, Patterns 2– all being released under one chart selecting medium/hard/expert for example. Credit to Plumato for sharing the original tutorial on YouTube (video tutorial also below).

Using QueenBee (click to download):

  • Run As Administrator. Make sure you are running as administrator (right click QueenBee.exe and select “run as administrator”)
  • Load the game files in QueenBee. On the right hand panel where it says “PAK File” click “…” to navigate to the file “qb.pak.xen”. If you cannot find the file, it is located in “X:\Program Files (x86)\Aspyr\Guitar Hero III\DATA\PAK\qb.pak.xen” (depending on where you installed Guitar Hero). Once the fields are populated, click load.
  • Select the file you want to modify. A list of items will show in the left hand panel, scroll down and double click “guitar_difficulty.qb”
  • Changing the track speed settings. See the three columns “item” “ID” and “value”. Look under the “value” column and you can see the difficulties (easy, medium, hard, expert) labelled three times, the last one capitalised. If you look in the “ID” column, you can see “scroll time” – it is the value for this we need to change. You’ll notice Expert is set to 2.5. Therefore, you should change the other settings under EASY, MEDIUM, HARD to 2.5. Click on “update” and then “save to disk” when you have set the values.

Done! If you had any problems, make sure that you are running QueenBee as administrator. Please also refer to the image below for assistance. This is how yours should look once you’re finished.

See the YouTube video tutorial by Plumato if you need any further help