User registration and profiles now live

Finally, you can post comments under your known Clone Hero community username on You can edit your profile picture and add a bio. You can also look up other users who are registered.

This marks the beginning of a major transformation to where I will begin to integrate things like user-submitted content and high score tracking.


There are problems I can foresee and potentially more that I’m going to need to fix if/when they arise. If anyone is willing to help test things, I’m grateful, let me know in the comments. Hell… drop a comment anyway and let me know it’s working!

Coming soon

  • Monday 19th August – Anti Hero 2. This will be featured on and the download to my newest song Madness March Kamikaze 2 will be updated as soon as Anti Hero 2 is released.
  • Project: Bleep Bloop Song Pack 3 coming up in the next week. My entire GH library will eventually be on Clone Hero.