Fullcombo.net Classics – Volume 1

I’ve been downloading custom songs since the beginning and as such I have built a collection of quality charts. I’ve started adding my top Clone Hero charts to Fullcombo.net! Featuring classics from great charters like Adohuu, Trunks252, deadite & Sean2490.


  • Full meta data for Clone Hero
  • Modifications to the charts (Clone Hero features not supported in GH3 PC)
  • High quality preview videos featuring custom animated video backgrounds and highways that you can download from Fullcombo.net.

Full credit to the original chart authors.

Featured Songs now available to download on Fullcombo.net

  • 20th Century Boy by Buckethead (Charted by Trunks252)
  • Dark Matter by Rusty Cooley (Charted by Trunks252)
  • Time Warp by Brad Paisley (Charted by Adohuu)
  • 17th Century Chicken Pickin’ by Chris Impellitteri (unknown charter)
  • Fiddlers by John 5 (Charted by Deadite)
  • Jam on It by Mike Orlando (Charted by Adohuu)
  • Changes by Mike Orlando (Charted by Adohuu)
  • Slam by Mike Orlando (Charted by Sean2490)
  • Old School Boogie by Mike Orlando (Charted by Sean2490)
  • The lollorcaust of Thought by Callum Whyte (Charted by Callum Whyte)

Expect Project: Bleep Bloop – Song Pack 3 soon. Huge release featuring over 20 charts.

Look out for Anti Hero 2 Setlist dropping on Friday 16th August! Featuring over 350+ high quality charts, including my uber-difficult song Madness March Kamikaze 2! There will be a featured article on Fullcombo.net.

Enjoy! ❤