FLStudio_blackFL Studio Tutorials for Beginners

Quick guide – getting started with FL Studio Basics. Once you pick this up everything starts making sense. If you just started, this is for you.

  1. Open FL Studio

  2. Go to the step sequencer window (see image below) and right click any layer > select insert > select sytrus from the list

  3. The sytrus plugin window will pop up – to toggle between different sound presets click the arrow in the very top left corner of the sytrus plugin window and select “presets” > make a selection

  4. Start drawing notes into the “piano roll” window….

* The step sequencer window should be open, but if it isn’t select view > step sequencer to enable it (or push F6 key)

In the image below

  1. The Step sequencer, this shows your different instrument tracks. Right click here and select insert > sytrus

  2. The list shows all the plugins you have installed and activated

  3. The Piano Roll, where you can draw in notes to create music

From here play around with different plugins and creating sequences in the piano roll. In the top left hand corner of the piano roll (look at section 3 below), you will see a magnet symbol third icon across. Select this to adjust the grid snapping size. Try to copy the pattern I’ve drawn in below using a snap setting of 1/4 step or 1/2 step.