Victory Solo O

Fun Facts Part of the Wildpluckings Track Pack. I remember coming up with the intro verse for this song, thinking "this sounds really cool!" and I remember having so much fun writing the solos. The song received positive feedback and after some requests, I ended up making the "sequel", Victory Solo X. Separated [...]

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Fun Facts This is the first music I ever created. Created early 2009 using GHtunes and since recharted for GH3 as part of the Synth Death Track Pack. You can also play this song on any of the GHtunes 1.0/GHWT generation of games. To find it search for "Sunshine" under Xbox live Tag "Harrjk" Download [...]

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Devil Disco 2

Fun Facts This songs name was based on "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" from GH3, which has a section named "Devil Disco 1". That section name didn't make sense, because there was no "Devil Disco 2" in the song. Part of the Wildpluckings Track Pack. Expert Chart only. Separated audio tracks. Download [...]

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