Massive track pack containing every song by Schmutz06 that isn’t part of another pack (97MB) – …NEEDS UPDATING…


Synth Wars (featuring GH3+ Hacks)
Uber Juice (including underchart, and “Uber Juice X” featuring GH3+ Hacks)
Utopia (including underchart)
Mercury City (including underchart)
Zoidberg the Cowboy (including underchart)
12 Clusterfucks of Christmas (including underchart)
Black Hole (including medium, hard, expert and coop charts)
ge4ce (including underchart)
Intense Torture 2.0
Slayer (including underchart)
The Crazy GH Song (including underchart)

Note, this only includes Guitar Hero Charts with forced HOPO notes. No Frets on Fire files included. Some charts use the new GH3+ Hacks, installation instructions provided in the “Readme” file.