All Schmutz06 Solo Releases

Download Massive track pack containing every song by Schmutz06 that isn't part of another pack (97MB) - ...NEEDS UPDATING... Contents Synth Wars (featuring GH3+ Hacks) Uber Juice (including underchart, and "Uber Juice X" featuring GH3+ Hacks) Utopia (including underchart) Mercury City (including underchart) Zoidberg the Cowboy (including underchart) 12 Clusterfucks of Christmas (including underchart) Black Hole [...]

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Synth Death Track Pack

Download My Third Track Pack. Featuring 11 songs including 7 originals and 4 bonus songs I have charted. Contents Victory Solo X UFO Vanilla Boogie Fat Tonys Disco Smooth Synth Mix Madness March 2 Silver Surfer Theme (Coop chart) Silver Surfer Level 2 Theme Summer Song (Joe Satriani) Turbo Bumblebee (Flight of the Bumble [...]

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