GH Tools by No1mannVarious Guitar Hero tools in one convenient package! more information.
Guitar Hero Three Control PanelProgram to add custom songs to Guitar Hero
GH3 1.3 No-DVD/Fixed EXENo disc crack for Guitar Hero 3 PC
Guitar Hero 3 PC 1.3 PatchThe 1.3 Patch (must be installed before using GHTCP)
3D AnalyseAlternate way to disable vertical synchronization (VSYNC) in Guitar Hero 3
FeedBack v.0.97b by TurkeyManThe best charting program. Some good techniques on the FAQ page. Chart editing guide.
Chart ViewerDisplays all kinds of useful chart information. Number of notes, number of star power sections etc
Chart2MidConverts .chart files to .mid format for phase shift, frets on fire etc
Song.ini generatorGenerates song.ini files which are used in phase shift, frets on fire etc
Chart2Arraydrag and drop .chart files, to convert to array
Queenbee v1.9for editing/modding the game files
GH3+ by Exilelordv0.4 - Game mod by Exilelord allows over 4000 notes, tapping notes, chord HOPOs and more
No intro ModRemove the intro cinematics when you launch Guitar Hero
Audacityfree audio editing software - easy way to speed up audio files

Guitar Hero modding tools, charting tools and hacks are kept up to date on this page. Download the latest versions of GH3+, GHTCP, GH Tools and software like feedback chart editor.

External links Exilelord YouTube Channel | No1mann – GH files & Tools | Plumato – GH Video Tutorials