Custom Songs Jukebox Volume 4, featuring new charts for 5 custom songs; ge4ce, Utopia, Slayer, Mercury City and Uber Juice

See the chart previews below, or on YouTube. The charts have been reworked to be more fun and easier for anyone to play. The new Slayer chart will be hotly contested for as the original chart has still not been FC’d, understandably because it’s almost impossibly difficult. ge4ce and utopia’s solos remain a challenge yet are now within reach of many players. They’re also extremely fun! Mercury City has dropped the super-tough mini solo sequences, now replaced with more “manageable” stuff  making it a decent FC to go for in the pack. And finally, Uber Juice is now the ultimate test of endurance, featuring difficult solos but nothing far beyond the limits of custom song players.

I do try to appeal to players of all abilities. Provided this goes well I will continue to release easier charts for future songs. I hope that this pack can encourage some of you who haven’t played for a while to try Guitar Hero again. I’ve enjoyed it so I think you will too. And I also hope it can help new players get into custom songs. If you need any help starting be sure to check out the guides for playing custom songs on this website.

Download (44MB)– Includes all files for GH3/FoF

P.S on the subject of alternative charts… has anyone ever tried the original Madness March on Easy / Normal / Hard? I charted four different patterns for it, way back in 2009 yet I’m not sure if anyone has ever realised this. You just need to load up Madness March on Easy/Normal/Hard to play them!

Links: How to play custom songs