No More Memory, Rock it, Transformer v1.0, Chordzilla

The final four Charts of Mass Destruction.

Introducing No More Memory, Rock it, Transformer v1.0 and Chordzilla.

No More Memory by Cyriak Music by the animation guru Cyriak. Go look him up. This is a great track, a hidden gem if you haven’t stumbled upon it before. It is an excellent chart to speed up, or play all taps at even higher speeds.

Rock It by Hommarju ultra high energy music. These songs work so well in rhythm games and I want to create stuff like this every time I open FL Studio! The song converted wonderfully into a unique Clone Hero chart.

Transformer v1.0 The beginning of a new Clone Hero challenge. Full instructions are to follow later this month. For now, just know that every time someone FCs Transformer, or any songs within Charts of Mass Destruction… Transformer will become stronger! it is an incredibly satisfying and fun chart to play along to those unique sounds.

Chordzilla Chordzilla is the longest song in Charts of Mass Destruction. I was imagining a story of humans trying to stop a giant monster in my head; with themes of discovery, monster movies, combat scenes, false hope and all the ups and downs. I matched the music to my thoughts and it enabled me to write most of this within a few days. Top tip. If you are writing a song and have some kind of narrative in mind when doing so; it is honestly a great way to make complex pieces of music all fit together. You will get into a zone where you know whether something fits the scene or whether to discard it… and will blast through your production!

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“…download from Dec 25 2020”

I hope you have all enjoyed this week of preview videos and content. It may be a long time before you see this kind of output rate again. Although I am not going ANYWHERE. I suspect a new Track Pack may happen one day. It has required an incredible amount of effort to keep up the pace and it became more intense the closer it got to release time. Can you imagine trying to juggle 12 new songs / charts / previews / releases. Maybe it would have been less of an issue if I didn’t go to town on every one of them… Ultimately though, the sacrifice of time is always worth it. So no regrets.

I can’t wait to watch your play throughs and streams of the new songs. Just send me a message on twitter if you are playing and I’ll catch you if I can! I’m predicting most songs will be FC’d quickly. If you have your sights set on a full pack FC let me know because I’d love to follow your progress!


Trackpack available later today!