how to add songs to clone hero


three uploaded 100% FC’s unlocks the next song. if you upload an FC, you’re eliminated

The latest Sequence is…


TOUGH SONGS INBOUND! – You may wish to hold fire before unlocking the next chart.

THREE FCs – only the first three 100% FC videos will count toward unlocking the next song.

RESPECT THE SPIRIT OF THE CHALLENGE! – if I see something which breaks the system I will fix it.

IF A CHALLENGE DOES NOT PROGRESS FOR 6 MONTHS – it will go to a free-for-all and past participants can get involved again.

IF A CHALLENGE DOES NOT PROGRESS FOR 12 MONTHS – I will proceed to release the next in the series and the offending chart will be forever immortalised.

BECAUSE I’M MANAGING THIS MYSELF – there will be occasions where I can’t release a new chart right away!

GET A LIFE – a bonus medley chart will be released after each series where you can earn extra lives for all future challenges… if you can 100% FC them. Don’t count on it being easy. Unlimited openings.