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Clone Hero
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Guitar Hero

what is clone hero?

Clone Hero is a free rhythm game designed to play GH Custom Songs on the PC

The GH experience | Feels like the real games. No compromise.

Easy Custom Songs | Drag and drop content into the “songs” folder and go.

Advanced Charts | Tapping & Solo sections, HOPO Chords, Broken Sustains, Open notes.

ALL the Songs | Browse thousands of downloaded Custom Songs easily. No song limits.

Learn Fast | Enhanced practice mode. A-B repeat. Fine-tune playback speed.

clone hero guides
clone hero guides
clone hero guides

Check out this spreadsheet for full setlists from the original GH games and other songs

Guitar Controllers

To play Clone Hero you can use the Xbox 360 Xplorer GH controller, or any of the wireless Xbox 360 Controllers with a wireless gaming receiver. Further, the game can also be played using your computer keyboard.

Xbox 360 – Xplorer

This is a wired controller and connects to your PC’s USB port. They are always available used, around the world. These are also the most reliable and generally last longer.

Xbox 360 – GH3 Les Paul

The Xbox 360 GH3 Les Paul is the best controller but less reliable than the Xplorer Guitar. Keep in mind that it is a wireless controller. In order to use the Les Paul, a Microsoft wireless gaming receiver is needed. The connection between the neck and body can become loose, resulting in dropped input commands. You can hardwire the neck and body together for the ultimate solution. See Google for Guides on this. Here is one useful guide from ScoreHero.

Other Guitar Controllers

Other controllers to look out for are the ones that ship with Guitar Hero World Tour, GH5 & GH Warriors of Rock for Xbox.

Problems with the strumming bar can quickly develop with the Guitar Hero World Tour & Guitar Hero 5 Guitars. Fortunately, the Guitar Hero 6 controller is less prone to this defect. Furthermore, all of these controllers can be separated at the body & neck for portability, like the Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul. The connections are stronger than the Les Paul, however. There is no need to worry about dropped frets. Keep in mind, you will need the Microsoft wireless gaming receiver to use any wireless Xbox controllers with your PC.

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