Update post

I have been working on a project remastering my custom songs library for Clone Hero.

I’m currently planning how I’m going to release everything – with an aim to start releasing new content as soon as possible.

I have been able to keep up good progress against this project since September ’18 when I started working on it.

The reason for such lengthy breaks between uploads and new content is fairly simple – life gets in the way. I go so long without making content that I need to remember what the h*ll I’m doing! I’m improving my workflow and creating things like video templates. I didn’t have this before. It will mean that I can drop back into action quicker in the future.

I have been following Clone Hero / Guitar Hero in the background the whole time. I’m up to date with most happenings within the Clone Hero / Guitar Hero universe. I rarely watch Streams (if I ever do, I’m FatTonysDisco on Twitch!).


  • I’ll be uploading new chart preview videos for every song

  • I have set up video template files to speed up production

  • There will be a new downloads page on fullcombo.net for Clone Hero releases. I will add features to show first FC and first place scores

  • Every song will feature an “Expert” and “standard” chart. Standard Charts will be optimised for “fun” and accessed through Hard difficulty.¬†Expert Charts… the usual

  • The remasters for older songs will be updated to include tapping & solo sequences, broken sustains, HOPO chords etc

  • I have remastered the audio for some older songs

  • I have remixed, re-charted and wrote an ending to “The Crazy GH Solo”, which was my first Custom Song. Released 10 years ago (in 2009!) – this will probably be the next video I upload

  • I don’t plan on converting any of the original GH3 charts to Clone Hero. The Guitar Hero downloads page will remain online for access to the original charts

  • New charts will replace the originals. For my more recent releases it is unlikely I will change much

  • I have over 20 new custom songs which I will be releasing as well as the remastered charts. Some of these are older songs I never released from 2010-2012

  • I will be working on brand new songs again once this project is nearing completion

FAQ: – “What is a bleep bloop”?

Well, to better understand this we need to explore both the “bleep” and the “bloop”

If you are still unsure, please refer to the following material