Every song on Clone Hero. Project: Bleep Bloop complete.

The final Songs Pack includes

5 Golden Clusterfucks, Chaos, Clusterfuck Canon, Fat Tony’s Orders, Judgement Day, Juggernaut 10, Juggernaut 100, Marathon, Mercury City, Patterns 2, Patterns 2+, Patterns 3, Patterns 3+, Patterns 4, Patterns 4+, Prodigy, Respawn, Robot Lullaby, Slayer, Through The Thunder and The Flames, Tribute to Void222X, Troll Hero, Utopia

And the following bonus classics

From TheMetea11 – Cosmic Exercise, Oak Leaves, Arcane Apparatus from Beyond, Troubles, Don’t Haz Aids

From prebensoerensen93 – The Dark Caves of lolno

Thank you to everyone for playing these songs and for all your support. Check out the new score submission form on the song downloads page. Submit your scores and I’ll add them to the table.

It’s over. Now I’m focused on new stuff. Patterns 5.

Enjoy! ❤