UPDATE (oct 2020): A superior option now exists: https://efhiii.github.io/midi-ch/

Further tutorials will come.

This tool generates an automatic chart from your FL Studio .midi files. Using this to chart FL Studio songs speeds up the process when starting to put the chart together.

  • Quickly generate a basic chart that you can tweak
  • Basic charting algorithm – e.g. lower pitched notes charted green, higher pitched orange
  • The note timing will match your midi, will be perfect
  • It charts starpower & Sections


  1. Export the midi file using FL Studio

    • Go to piano roll and press file > export midi

  2. Convert the midi into text

  3. Copy & Paste the generated text into the chart.text file

    • Copy from “MFile” to “TrkEnd”

    • Ensure there is one blank line/space after the pasted text, or it will fail to convert
  4. Open the Autochart Tool

    • Press 1

    • Enter “chart” as the name

    • Select the track (always “1”)

    • This will generate a chart file

  5. Paste the .chart file into the folder with your Song

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Open in Moonscraper to tweak! See the settings.ini to configure more (minimum note length, chart star power, section distance);

See the video below for reference.

Download the Autocharter here


Q: My chart is blank!

A: Make sure there is at least one space/line after the pasted text in the chart.txt file or it will not convert

Q: is there a way to export all patterns into one chart?

A: in FL, make an extra layer and copy/paste all of the patterns into one. Then, export the midi for that layer

Q: is this only good for FL Studio songs?

A: No. Try any song. There are midi files out there for most songs too… just google any song followed by .midi

Clone Hero Autocharter Tutorial video