Sequel to Synth Death track pack is coming.

10 Years in the Making

For many, 2020 has not gone as planned for obvious reasons. We’ve all probably had more spare time than usual. I have and I’ve spent it obsessively creating a new Clone Hero Track Pack.

The entire pack is designed to be as much fun as possible in Clone Hero.

I’ve been creating Clone Hero content for 10 years. I looked at the best songs out there, took inspiration from legendary songs like the Soulless series. I’ve made over 40 minutes of content and lovingly placed 30000+ notes. And hard charts are included for each song. There hasn’t been a Clone Hero release like this before.

250+ hours work and counting. 2020 Release.

patterns 5 community pattern submissions

Big-budget cinematics. But no. It’s fan made content for a community powered game in Clone Hero. Purity.

Check for updates. This site is dedicated to Clone Hero and focuses on original music created for the game.

follow me on twitter | Subscribe to my YouTube channel Forums gets thousands of visitors and you can advertise your own song creations here to Clone Hero players. You can also find new songs and discuss. The site is growing fast.


If you make Clone Hero songs and charts, hook me up. I’d love to help share more songs.

NEW Tutorials

After the track pack launch, my next goal is to make a fresh tutorial set for which will cover; music production, charting, video editing, song release.

much love,

Schmutz06 ?