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Charts of Mass Destruction Track Pack by Schmutz06

An entire new generation of songs

Charts of Mass Destruction is the biggest project I have worked on totalling some 500 hours of effort. 8 new songs and 4 bonus charts. The song preview videos are on I have amazing ideas for the future so subscribe because it’s the best way to see it. This is the beginning of a new era of original music created for Clone Hero.

Get better at Clone Hero

Easier charts are included. Whatever your skill is, I recommend downloading this track pack. There is a full hour of content and the best way to practice is to find new songs, learn new patterns and set new FC goals.

patterns 5 community pattern submissions

Help promote the release of Charts of Mass Destruction!

Creating this track pack has been the biggest effort and I know in the end, the songs will get out there. That will be with your help by playing them and sharing them with the world.

Thank you for every download, play, share, tweet, subscription, like and comment!

Playlist showing all 12 Charts included. Watch the whole thing back to back…

A packed hour of content.


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Audio clips sourced from many YouTube videos

Clone Hero related puns / parodies are for entertainment and I mean no harm! If requested to remove them, I will.

Most of the content was created for the track pack but some images and animations used in the backgrounds were originally sourced from YouTube videos and google images and I have added links crediting the original source in those cases.

I’ve added high quality lossless versions of the 8 original songs featured in Charts of Mass Destruction on Bandcamp. Download from $0.00 !!! support the 500+ hours of blood sweat and tears that went into the production.

I’m going to edit a montage of people playing these songs.

(…if there is enough material to work with) I invite players to share their first playthroughs of this track pack with me (over twitch, or however you’d like).

I want to edit a montage featuring first plays and fun moments. It’ll set target scores for other players to aspire to beat. Plus, it is entertaining watching people figure things out and sometimes just do the impossible and FC complex new patterns for the first time.

Anyone attempting a full pack FC? Depending on your level, the hard charts will still push you to your limits. A full pack FC will be a real consideration for some players. It’s doable. You’ll need to be a jack of all trades; fast forced strums, teleports, rake strumming, slide tapping.

Want to know what these techniques are? it’s all in the Clone Hero Dictionary.

You can read more about the Charts of Mass Destruction Track Pack at the links below. I have added a short behind the scenes summary against every song, if you’re into extra trivia.