How to change the tempo of any song in Guitar Hero using Audacity & GH Tools 2.0.

In this guide, you will learn how to create faster (or slower) versions of any song in Guitar Hero using Audacity to modify the audio file and GH Tools 2.0 to modify the chart.

Using Audacity (click to download):

  1. Open audio file
  2. Push CTRL+A to “select all”
  3. Go to “effect” on the main menu
  4. Select the “change tempo” effect
  5. Dial in the numbers… beats per minute from: (enter current) to: (enter new)

Using GH Tools 2.0 (click to download)

  1. Open the chart file in GH Tools
  2. Click the “change tempo” button
  3. Enter the % change in decimal format e.g. 125% would be entered as 1.25
  4. GH Tools will create a new version of your chart, conveniently titled “chart_name_(x% Speed)”

Tip, if your original song is 135BPM and you want to speed it up by 25%, the new BPM would be 168.75. How do you calculate that? Take the original BPM (135), divide it by 100 (this gives you 1.35, which is equivalent to 1% of the original number) and then multiply it by 125 (168.75).

If you wanted to slow it down to 75%, you would multiply 1.35 by 75 (101.25BPM)

If you wanted to speed it up by 200%, you would multiply 1.35 by 200 (270BPM)

Maths, kids.