Animated Backgrounds for Clone Hero

New Pack of 8 Animated Backgrounds Animated Backgrounds pack for Clone Hero A new pack of 8 animated backgrounds for Clone Hero featuring: Wonderland, an enchanted forest Chimnobyl, a vibrant motion graphics background Trillbot, killer robot with a looping lazer show and smoke effects Quadpocalypse, a desolate planet with an eerie [...]

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Clone Hero: Bleep Bloop – OUT NOW

Every song on Clone Hero. Project: Bleep Bloop complete. The final Songs Pack includes 5 Golden Clusterfucks, Chaos, Clusterfuck Canon, Fat Tony's Orders, Judgement Day, Juggernaut 10, Juggernaut 100, Marathon, Mercury City, Patterns 2, Patterns 2+, Patterns 3, Patterns 3+, Patterns 4, Patterns 4+, Prodigy, Respawn, Robot Lullaby, Slayer, Through The Thunder and The Flames, [...]

2020-09-18T00:17:32+01:00October 7th, 2019|Clone Hero, updates|0 Comments Classics Volume 1 Classics - Volume 1 I've been downloading custom songs since the beginning and as such I have built a collection of quality charts. I've started adding my top Clone Hero charts to! Featuring classics from great charters like Adohuu, Trunks252, deadite & Sean2490. Featuring: Full meta data for Clone Hero Modifications to [...]

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May update – Project: Bleep Bloop & future releases

May 2019 updates New Community Challenge! Upload an FC. Unlock the next song. Full details here. New Song! 42. Includes FL Studio Project file. Get it here. I'm working on a 10000 Subscribers special. I have been working hard on new charts in the background. Juggernaut 10,000 is coming and it is nearly halfway complete! [...]

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