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Project: Bleep Bloop – Song Pack 2

SUPER SCALES [ACTIVATED] | OFFLINE Download Here The second song pack features the Studioforce Trackpack remastered for Clone Hero - Pacman Wizard, Silver Surfer Theme, The Ballad of Fat Tony and also includes Intense Torture, Madness March and FOUR entirely new releases; Matto Svitato - tapping insanity Chord Problems - elbow strumming nightmares [...]

2019-03-16T12:17:04+01:00March 16th, 2019|Clone Hero|2 Comments

Clone Hero – Synth Wars

The intense super-solo shredding song now in Clone Hero, featuring two new charts. Serving suggestion; try speeding up the standard chart for an interesting challenge. The next song pack for Project Bleep Bloop will feature new charts for; Intense Torture, Madness March, Pacman Wizard, Silver Surfer, The Ballad of Fat Tony. And FOUR new [...]

2019-03-17T23:48:37+01:00March 2nd, 2019|Clone Hero|0 Comments
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