Tens of thousands of hours of collective effort. One of the biggest Clone Hero or Guitar Hero projects ever released. All featured charts held to incredibly high quality standards.


  • 365 Songs
  • 25+ Medleys
  • Exclusive original music (including my song Madness March Kamikaze 2)
  • 8 Full Albums
  • Professionally-executed modcharts
  • Background images for every chart

Major credit to the whole team especially the organisers (Siavash, CyclopsDragon) for all of the amazing coordination that went into making this highly ambitious project a reality. I am honoured to be a (small) part of this landmark Clone Hero release.

Next up from me will be Project: Bleep Bloop Song Pack 3 which will feature over 20 of my classic songs converted to Clone Hero.

Enjoy! ❤