ABCs by Schmutz06

My latest song is the alphabet charted (mostly) into a 5×4 grid. It speeds up from 35BPM to 100BPM, before eventually slowing to the finish line.

I made this over the weekend to celebrate the fancy new updates. It’s been moved to bigger better servers and the site design has been updated. You can now download track packs (including ALL of my songs in one package). If there are any requests for specific trackpacks let me know.

patterns 5 community pattern submissions


A little CHORDS hell to mix things up. Go FC it. Probably better practice than perfecting your 40NPS QUADS. And if you’re good enough to FC “message to blue”, speed it up? updates

Better servers. Updated design. New songs page. Forums (I encourage you to share your original Clone Hero custom songs). Take it for a spin. My mission objective is basic and the same as I set out at the beginning: to promote original custom songs and do whatever I can to expand the community.

I’m making a new track pack.

First time in 10 years. Will feature many brand new songs. All songs will be epic and I’m aiming for 2020 release.