42. The average song I create takes 5-10 hours per minute of content. This song took me 42 minutes. 42 freaking minutes. Very proud how it came together so fast. The chart is extremely fun. That one glitch sequence of red notes is 37.33NPS… good luck!

For the first time, I have included all of the original FL Studio project files in with this download. I’m adding tutorials on making songs, charts and videos and I will use this as an example project. I’ve only used native plugins and the sound clips are included, so no additional items will be needed to load the song in all it’s glory within FL Studio. Feel free to remix / do what you want with the project (apart from claiming it’s your own, please give credit). I won’t be sharing project files most of the time.

Standard and Expert charts are included

Check the recent updates I posted. Good stuff coming.

Enjoy! ❤