This is possibly the longest FL Studio GH custom song ever! It’s bigger and has more notes than the entire Synth Death Track Pack combined. It contains an (epic!) solo longer than the whole of Victory Solo X. The video teaser shows some of the more difficult patterns featured – more on that below. I’m using my own rendition of the trololol song in the video because I don’t want to spoil the real audio.

The song is complete and the chart needs some balancing work before it’s all done – it will be exactly 20,000 notes (your feedback to the questions below will help me please leave some comments!). I am aiming to release it around the end of January. I will try my best but I have no idea how much time I’ll have to work on it. In the meantime, yet another song will be coming within the next week – it’s finished and I just want to space out my uploads.

That trololol song in the background is being charted. Really crazy chart and fun! It is like Madness March with chords.

I need assistance balancing the difficulty of this monster 22 minute song. There will be an under-charted version included but the main chart needs to remain sensible.

What are your thoughts…

  1. @0 Seconds – Buckethead-style tapping. Average 18nps. For reference, the Buckethead-style sequence in ge4ce is a faster 21.6nps.
  2. @20 Seconds – The quad zigzag patterns are 28nps.
  3. @24 Seconds – Quint zigzags are 37.33nps.
  4. @30 Seconds – 37.33nps 3 fret zigzags.
  5. @52 Seconds – 18.6nps strumming section. 5 note chords and worth many points… is it worth changing it to single frets so it doesn’t f* with the high score battles? or does it add to the challenge? I like it personally!
  6. @55 Seconds – Dark Caves WTF Sweeps are 29.6nps. These sweeping patterns are 28nps, but longer…

I’m trying to avoid using patterns which you can only hit 1/100 tries (think Black Hole, ge4ce solo).

Considering the above, are these sections too fast? it doesn’t have to be bullsh** hard, there will be other songs for that!please leave feedback in the comments section.