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Clone Hero News

Animated Backgrounds for Clone Hero

New Pack of 8 Animated Backgrounds Animated Backgrounds pack for Clone Hero A new pack of 8 animated backgrounds for Clone Hero featuring: Wonderland, an enchanted forest Chimnobyl, a vibrant [...]

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Charts of Mass Destruction Track Pack

Download Charts of Mass Destruction from the Songs Page on Fullcombo.net look under song packs to download all, or download individual songs from the table at the bottom of the [...]

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CMD Update #4

No More Memory, Rock it, Transformer v1.0, Chordzilla The final four Charts of Mass Destruction. Introducing No More Memory, Rock it, Transformer v1.0 and Chordzilla. No More Memory [...]

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CMD Update #3

LAZERS AND TRILLBOT. The Big Boys. Introducing Lazers ft Dr Zoidberg and Trillbot. Lazers, the latest Dr Zoidberg song was sure to draw a crowd and I followed it up [...]

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CMD Update #2

CHIMNOBYL, MADNESS MARCH 3, ACID WOLFPACK, PICTIONARY You've only seen HALF of the Charts of Mass Destruction! I hope you got to watch Chimnobyl, Madness March 3 and the [...]

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